How I can help

As a coach, I focus on developing the understanding of my athletes. If they can understand the ‘why’, then ‘what’ we do and ‘how’ we do it becomes so much easier.  

My coaching packages involve: 

  • System development - setting the right objective, identifying the best strategy, adopting the best tactics

  • Creating training plans and designing suitable training exercises

  • Providing feedback on your videos  so you have a reference library to watch back and learn from

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I am both an equestrian and an analyst. I believe in both art and science. I am an international event rider and also the founder and Product Director of EquiRatings.

I studied at Trinity College and graduated with a first-class honours degree in Management Science and Information Systems. Instead of joining the investment banks, I returned to eventing and have represented Ireland at three World Games and five European Championships. With a new business and a young family, my time was becoming more limited and yet I began to make more progress than ever before. I became obsessed with systems - what they are and how they work. A structured and data-informed approach to training helped me to reach goals that I believed were beyond me. 

I live in Carlow, Ireland with my wife Sparks and our two boys. 


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